Cost Calculator for Apartments

Monthly Housing and Living Expenses Comparison Worksheet

Would you like to make BrookHaven lifestyle your own? Use the form below to compare the costs for apartment living.
Note: If you are looking for the cost calculator for BrookHaven's cottage homes, please click here.

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  Current Monthly Expenses Your Present Home BrookHaven
1 Mortgage, Rent or BrookHaven $ $
2 Utilities (Electricity, Gas, Water, Sewer, Trash Removal) $ Included
3 Property Tax & Insurance $ Included
4 Yard Care & Landscape Maintenance $ Included
5 Weekly Housekeeping $ Included
6 Maintenance & Home Repairs $ Included
7 24-Hour Security $ Included
8 Laundry Services (Washer & Dryer) $ Included
9 Transportation
(Insurance, Gas, Registration, Repairs)
$ Included
10 Two Meals Daily $ Included
11 Social, Cultural, Recreational Events $ Included
12 Health & Wellness    
  24-Hour Emergency Call Service $ Included
  Exercise Programs $ Included
  Full-time Activities Staff $ Included
13 Subtotal $ $
  Potential Income from Sale of Home
14 Net Proceeds from Sale of Home* $  
15 Invest at Current Market Rate (line 14 X 6%) $  
16 Monthly Investment Income from Home Sale (line 15 / 12) $  
17 Total Current Monthly Expenses Plus Potential Income from Sale of Home (line 13 + line 16) vs. BrookHaven Fees $ $
*It may be helpful to consult tax and financial advisers to determine this amount which represents the market value of your home less any outstanding mortgage, all sales related costs and any applicable taxes.